Last Updated: 22 May 2018

The technology pages are random assortments of stuff that I either find of interest or need to reference from time to time. I starting collecting these links in 2005 so many may be quite dated.  My purpose for putting this stuff here is to keep track of reference material I've needed to make use of at one time or another (printing and manual filing became untenable).  The material is likely not the latest (a gross understatement for the older stuff) so please do not consider this a collection of the latest or greatest information on any given topic.

There are likely many broken links, especially with the older stuff - I will try to nail these down and either correct or remove in the not too distant future.  If you notice any, please let me know.

The pages are broken down into the following subcategories:

Calendaring and Scheduling

This section is dated from back in 2005 so I'm sure there is a lot better and more applicable stuff out there now.  Section deals with Internet standards in this area as well as Mobile Synchronization.


This section covers standards (ETSI primarily) in the cellular area, Google Android OS and a few odds and ends like Kannel.  The standards section dates back to 2005, so be warned....

Computer Hardware

Links to resources related to Computer Hardware.   This is a work in progress - introduced in February 2012

Distributed File Systems

General and research papers circa 2005

Directory Services

This section mainly focues on LDAP related protocol specifications and the OpenLDAP implementation.

Domain Name System

Extensive listing of DNS related standards.

Electronic Mail / Internet Fax

Product sections mainly focus on implementations we are using on both our servers and client systems.  Sections related to Internet Fax relate to Electronic Mail and dealing with Fax in this context.  Additional Internet Fax resources can be found in the Internet Telephony Resources pages.  The Standards / Recommendations sections were last updated October 1, 2015.

Identity Management

Old and basic references circa 2005.  A good starting point, but not much more.

Instant Messaging

XMPP related specification and Jabber documentation.  Very much in need up updates.

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) / Mobile Internet

Tutorials, Guides, Case Studies and Standards / Recommendations related to IPv6 and Mobile Internet.  Note that Mobile Internet issues are limited to traditional Internet protocols and applications.  Additional information related to cellular technologies can be found on the Cellular Technologies Resources page or on sites such as 3GPP and ETSI.

Graphics Design

Just starting with this section - only a few references so far.

Internet Telephony

Main focus is on VoIP standards and industry sites / organizations.  Information here is dated and in need of updates.  Additional sections on NAT Traversal and POTS / Conformance.

Network Management

Tutorials, Presentations and reference sections related to some of the more popular Network Management frameworks with an emphasis on open source solutions.  Extensive list of relevant RFC's.

Routing and Traffic Engineering

Very basic coverage here - a few standards on traffic engineering.  The papers focus on technologies I needed many years ago when implimentating connection aggregration across multiple ADSL circuits.

Computer / Network Security

Most of this stuff is extremely dated and of unknown usefulness.  Hope to get this updated one of these days.   In the meantime one of the best single resources for Computer and Network security papers is the SANS Institute Reading Room.  For more information on what we're currently working on this this area please visit the Jade Website.

Collaboration, Team Management and Social System Design

This section is quite dated and in need of updates.

Web Design

Basic reference material for a wide range of topics including DHTML, Document Object Model (DOM), Frames, JavaScript, Web Security, Authentication / State management and a few open source solutions. The coverage of the various topics is light - this section could really use an update.

Other Technologies

Misc stuff that would not fit in elsewhere.