Design Engineering and Education

While my career started out in hardware engineering (microcontroller based design), most of the time after the first year was dedicated to UNIX system and Internet based network and application design.  In 2010 I expanded this focus to include Education systems including web tools and environments for students and teachers.  Am now working on curriculums for hardware and software training in the areas of electronics and programming (going back to my roots so to speak).

Design Engineering

I continue to do Internet system work through my company Jade Connections.  Am responsible for all datacenter operations including system build, configuration and operations.  I still monitor from a distance several areas of Internet standards (IETF email related groups for the most part), but am no longer actively involved.

Jade Connections provides direct technical consulting in the areas of System and Network Planning, System and Network Administration, Software Development, Technical writing and training.  Complete details about my work history can be found in my resume and work experience pages.  More information about Jade Connections services can be found on the following pages (all redirected to the Jade site):


I started to teach on a part-time basis in 2010 and have been helping students from primary age through adult in the areas of English, Math and Science.  This work led to the design and initial deployment of the site, a platform providing free online collaboration tools for educators and students.  Currently in alpha-test, it's main purpose is curriculum collaboration and writing tools for both teachers and students.  This platform will eventually be expanded to include Learning Management System (LMS) integration, software development tools, and electronic design tool integration.  A separate Internet of Things (IoT) focused site will later cater to the growing Maker community providing tools and resources to teach both electronics and programming helping students to easily bridge these two different sets of technologies.