Tim’s Place

This is the personal website for Tim Kehres. I am a network engineer / businessman from the USA now working and living in Asia.  I spent many years working in the areas of Electronic Mail and related technologies.   These days when not doing company building activities I spend most of my time working in the areas of Network Management, Network and Host based security.


Most of my career has focused on Internet related technologies and the management of Internet software companies.  Jade Connections was established as an Internet consulting and services company delivering Internet system and network solutions.  The focus is with the design, implementation, deployment, management and outsourcing of enterprise networks with security and operational reliability and efficiencies being the top priorities. See the Jade site for complete details including hosted solutions and consulting.

Technology Pages

The technology pages are random assortments of stuff that I either find of interest or need to reference from time to time. I starting collecting these links in 2005 so many may be quite dated.  My purpose for putting this stuff here is to keep track of reference material I've needed to make use of at one time or another (printing and manual filing became untenable).  The material is likely not the latest (a gross understatement for the older stuff) so please do not consider this a collection of the latest or greatest information on any given topic.

There are likely many broken links, especially with the older stuff - I will try to nail these down and either correct or remove in the not too distant future.  If you notice any, please let me know.