Web Design

Complete solutions for most applications provided.  Typical sites use either the Drupal or WordPress CMS as the core component, but we also integrate other open source solutions (phpBB is one example).  Knowledgeable in Drupal and WordPress templating as well as most standard web standards (HTML5, DOM, XHTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, etc).  I work with outside consultants or design houses for technologies I do not have the direct ability to support, such as graphics design, Flash and Java implementations.

Sample Sites

Jade Connections was established in 2004 as an Internet consulting and services company focusing on delivering system and network solutions.  Consulting and services are offered in the areas of network management (on-site and remote), network and host based security and in the design and deployment of scalable and cost effective enterprise class computing infrastructures.  Other projects include the design and implementation of highly integrated and scalable collaborative social networking web environments as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions.  DNS. web and email services are also provided for several sites in the region.

More information can be found in the Jade Connections About Page.

Jade Networks is a part of Jade Connections Limited and responsible for all Internet related business. Jade Networks provides customized Internet services and solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.  Work is also being done in the areas of Network and Host based security monitoring with services to be introduced by the end of 2015. Other services include Voice over IP (VoIP), hosting for email, DNS, and websites for companies in the region.

Jade is currently responsible for the off-site remote service monitoring for MONIC, the Macau Domain Registrar.  All DNS, web, and email services are continuously monitored around the clock with alerts being sent to both MONIC and Jade staff when potential problem situations are detected.

More information can be found in the Jade Networks About Page.

Technical and operational details related to the Jade Networks network are documented on the Network Operations site.  This includes notifications of network and service changes, security, network monitoring, spam system and policies and standard network services provided.

RegainAmerica is an open collaborative/distributed authoring environment dedicated to effecting positive change on the local, state and national levels (USA). The first phase of this free collaborative environment will empower members to freely voice their concerns on issues that are important to them. More importantly the goal of RegainAmerica is to provide a platform where people can not only freely exchange ideas and views, but work together to effect real change.

RegainAmerica began as a memory - of the way things used to be in America, and the belief that by working together we can regain the greatness that once was America. Specifically, RegainAmerica is a new multi-functional community website that empowers people working both individually and collectively - to change the present status quo and Regain America.

Development for RegainAmerica is currently on hold but expected to resume later in 2015.  More information can be found in the RegainAmerica About Page.

PinoyTalk was designed with the initial live system launch at the end of 2005.  Focusing on the Philippine market, it served as a functional prototype for future highly integrated social networking sites.  The Philippines was chosen due to its close proximity to Hong Kong, very low costs of promotion, maturity in terms of use of social networks, and existing infrastructure (very low startup costs).

The initial PinoyTalk services included email, chat rooms, forums, distribution lists (currently inactive), games, basic meeting point, and a place-holder for an online store. Future releases were designed to include the following additional services:

  • Phase Two - Addition of Image Galleries, 2nd phase meeting point, initial calendaring / scheduling (private data), notepad, and mobile synchronization.
  • Phase Three - Addition of File Storage, Classified Ads, meeting point (final), calendaring / scheduling (public data).

PinoyTalk is not currently operational (just a home page) however we are considering reviving it as soon as a viable revenue model can be established.

SZTeachers is an education site for Shenzhen, China.  The eventual design calls for integrated classifieds and teaching resources.  The site is a Drupal 7 responsive site with both Chinese and English content.   The site is currently not being maintained pending review on how best to move the site forward.

This site - responsible for all site design and content.  Upgraded from Drupal 6 to WordPress 4.2.2 in July 2015.

Personal website for Connie Kehres.  Currently assisting Connie on her redesign using WordPress 4.2.2.