This is the personal website for Tim Kehres. I am a network engineer / businessman from the USA now working and living in Asia.  Am passoniate about building usable real world solutions.   This applies to electronics, systems, network engineering, education and business.  It's all about balance!


I started my career as a hardware engineer designing microcontroller solutions based on the Intel 8748 (both hardware and software).  Then moved into the systems area working for some of the first Silicon Valley companies providing commercial UNIX machines and later the first company commercializing the TCP/IP protocol stack.  I later did applied R&D for LLNL where I was fortunate to work on new electronic email technologies and solutions together with International standards work. After LLNL I continued my work in the areas of electronic mail technologies by providing consulting services in the Silicon Valley area, eventually founding International Messaging Associates (IMA) where we built some of the first MIME-compliant gateway solutions for PC networks.

We moved IMA to Hong Kong in 1994 and built it into a multi-million dollar business, eventually expanding to include a second office in the Philippines where most of our test engineering, support, marketing, sales, and writing work was done.  After IMA I started Jade Connections to provide Internet IT services (datacenter and consulting).  Under Jade Connections we helped build the new Macau Name Registrar.  Jade continues to provide Internet services and consulting while building educational solutions on top of these services.  More on my work history can be found in my resume and work experience pages.  Information about Jade Connections can be found here.

Design Engineering and Education

My current involvement can be broken down into three main categories: datacenter operations, collaborative education systems, and one on one teaching, all under the Jade Connections umbrella.  Jade helps companies with the design, deployment, management and outsourcing of enterprise networks.  Jade also helps in areas including disaster plannning and recovery, policy planning and analysis, network and vulnerability assessment, network automation and others.  We also provide corporate Internet services (email, DNS, web, etc) via our Hong Kong datacenter.

Since 2010 have been teaching and helping students from primary through adult in the areas of English, Math, and Science.  This work led to the design and initial deployment of the site, a platform providing free online collaboration tools for educators and students.  Currently in alpha-test, it's main purpose is curriculum collaboration and writing tools for both teachers and students.  This platform will eventually be expanded to include Learning Management System (LMS) integration, software development tools, and electronic design tool integration.  A separate Internet of Things (IoT) focused site will cater to the growing Maker community providing tools and resources to teach both electronics and programming helping students to easily bridge these two different technologies.

Technology Pages

The technology pages are random assortments of stuff that I either find of interest or need to reference from time to time. I starting collecting these links in 2005 and many are quite dated.  I put this stuff here to keep track of reference material I've needed to make use of at one time or another (printing and manual filing became untenable).  Most material is not the latest so please do not consider this a collection of the latest or greatest information on any given topic.

There are probably many broken links, especially with the older stuff.  I will try to nail these problems down and either correct or remove them as time permits.  If you notice any, please let me know.