Network Architecture and Design

I have an over thirty year track record of success in cutting edge Internet systems and applications, including applied research and development for the US Government and over twenty years working with innovative new technology companies.  Expert ability to combine market / financial research with knowledge of technology, trends to develop, and implementation of sound and profitable business strategies.

Responsible for design, implementation, and operation of datacenter operations for the past 20 years.  Proven ability to provide effective and reliable solutions balancing cost benefit tradeoffs between various hardware and software solutions.  In depth hands-on knowledge covering many Internet technologies including routing, security (firewalls, IDS, transparent proxies, etc), VoIP, Electronic Mail, DNS, Network Management systems, Directory Services (including Directory Enabled Services and Applications), Web Services, Instant Messaging, Social Systems Design, etc.

Established Jade Connections as an Internet consulting and services company focusing on delivering system and network solutions.   Currently projects include network monitoring (both datacenter and remote), network and host network monitoring solutions and the design and deployment of a scalable and cost effective enterprise class cloud computing infrastructure.  Other projects include the design and implementation of highly integrated and scalable collaborative social networking web environments as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions.  Jade Connections also provide web and email services for several sites, including Jade Connections, RegainAmerica and others in the region.

Datacenter and Remote Site Monitoring

Network Management is the monitoring of network devices, applications, sensors, and any other equipment or processes that are part of or associated with a network. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is commonly used to monitor standard network devices (servers, routers, switches, etc). Embedded processes can be run on servers and workstations to gain access to additional machine and operating system specific data.

A Network Management platform is used to collect and record device, process and other data. This data can be interpreted in real-time to produce alerts and automatic actions on behalf of the administrators. Historic data can also be seen and analysis performed so that trends can more easily be identified.  Jade Networks uses the Zabbix network management platform to monitor both datacenter assets as well as remote application monitoring.  All Jade servers and firewalls are actively monitored around the clock with alerts being sent when potential error conditions are encountered.  Jade also provides constant remote network monitoring for MONIC, the Macau Domain Registrar.  All DNS, web, and email services are constantly being checked with alerts being sent to both MONIC and Jade staff when problems are detected.

I am currently working on a new service offering where we can expand our monitoring capabilities to offer to additional clients.  For more information on the Network Management solutions in use on the Jade networks see the Jade Networks Monitoring page.

Application Integration

Jade Connections provides custom web application integration design, implementation, consulting, and hosting services.  Application integration involves unifying several separate web applications under a common site, with transparent access to the  selected applications.  Web application integration solves the following problems:

  • Unification of application session management
  • Provides for a common authentication framework
  • Consistency of the user interface between applications
  • Integration of custom features or 'glue' to bind applications

Part of the application integration process involves design for both scalability and performance.

Case Study: PinoyTalk.COM

The PinoyTalk site was designed and built in 2005 as a proof of concept project (social networking).  Focused on the Philippine market, it served as a functional prototype for future highly integrated social networking sites.  The Philippines was chosen due to its close proximityt to Hong Kong, very low costs of promotion, maturity in terms of use of social networks, and existing infrastructure (low startup costs).

The diagram below shows the basic communications system architecture:


The site registration was fully automated, with email account generation and access (via web, pop3, and IMAP) being automatically configured through the Jade Directory Services.  Integrated applications included email, chat rooms, forums, distribution lists, games, a basic meeting point, and a placeholder for an online store.  The site was taken down in 2011 with its future status still under consideration.

Internet Telephony (VoIP)

Jade Connections wil be a one stop VoIP solutions provider, providing VoIP PABX Provisioning, Migration Planning and Audit, and VoIP Equipment Sales.

VoIP PABX Provisioning

Jade Connections will provide services directly to customers in the Asia/Pacific region.  Services include business grade VoIP to PSTN termination, support for SIP and IAX softphones, QoS, Customized Billing, and DDI/DID (Direct Inward Dial) landline provisioning and interconnect.

Migration and Planning

If your company is looking to connect existing operations to VoIP, Jade Networks can help by evaluating your current infrastructure. from equipment to existing telecommunication circuits, as well as providing a smooth migration plan to VoIP.

VoIP Equipment Sales

Through its sister company, Jade Connections, Jade Networks provides ATAs, VoIP phones, and VoIP PABX systems.  We can supply small quantities as well as large OEM quantites.  Custom programming of ATAs is available on some models.

Web Hosting

Comprehensive web hosting and co-location options are offered, including:

  • LAMP solution stack supports for dynamic web sites or servers (Linux OS/Apache Web server/MySQL database server/PHP or Perl, Python)
  • Domain pointing, masks the the address of the target (redirected) website; web redirection to other websites
  • Various categories of storage volume and throughput options are provided

Email Hosting

Jade Networks provides a fully scalable business grade email service, running out of our Hong Kong data center.  All standard email protocols are supported, including SMTP/ESTMP, POP3, and IMAP, both on commonly used as well as alternate ports (for navigating through restrictive ISPs).  All outbound email is bound by the Jade Networks antispam policies, and all SMTP server access is restricted using SMTP AUTH.

Inbound email is scanned for spam and viruses using several countermeasures, including greylisting, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, several distributed spam databases, and others.  Private label (domain) mailing lists are provided using Mailman.

Email authentication can, as an option, be done through our Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Directory Services, enabling integrated authentication between email services and web applications.

DNS Hosting

Jade Networks provides both primary and/or secondary name service provisioning:

  • Runs Domain Name System servers on a shared basis, unless there is a specific need for dedicated servers
  • Provides secondary or slave servers to ease the process of managing domain zone records (A, MX, CNAME...)
  • Provides geographically dispersed DNS servers to minimise latency for clients worldwide and ensure high reliability (planned for 4Q2015)